hello humans and nonhumans alike welcome to my home. i live on this webpage yes. my name is Vinnie, sometimes Vin, and i use he/him and rat/ratself pronouns. i like men im going to kill god. im working on a couple of things right now so why don't you stick around and find out whats going on in my head!

but first, a quick dni list ^_^ if any of the following apply to u get outta here

anyway im 16 and ive been making art for all my life. im also neurodivergent with diagnosed ADHD and major depressive disorder so keep that in mind, as well as untreated things. I've got plenty of other places you can look at my stuff, and ill link em here! i also have a cringe ass kinlist haha

art tumblr main tumblr deviantart instagram punkvomiit#1111 on discord